Monday, January 9, 2017

TGBC: Round 1: EF Abbott's titles

The first two books of Round 1!

Titles: Nettie and Nellie Crook: Orphan Train Sisters and Sybil Ludington: Revolutionary War Rider
Author: EF Abbot
Status: New Reads

Where did I acquire them? 
My boss sits on an ALA committee at the moment, so she has boxes upon boxes of 2016 children's books she basically unloaded onto us. These are two books from that batch

How long have I owned them without reading?
Only about a month.

These are two of, I think four titles in a series called Based on a True Story. They're short historical fiction books for kids in grades 3-5. What I really like is that the series is focusing on little-discussed moments from history. The Orphan Trains were fascinating, and I applaud anyone who gives my girl Sybil Ludington a shout. I think these are really good beginner historical fiction books for the target audience. They make the history interesting.

Status after reading?
I enjoyed these, and I'll definitely recommend them to my patrons, but I won't be keeping them on my shelf.

Books included in the GBC project: 422 (One book acquired from Paperback Swap, one from the library 10 cent cart because I can't help myself)
Books tackled so far: 4
Books still unread: 98

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