Monday, February 13, 2017

TGBC: Teen Lit Rocks Title: Dreamers Often Lie

I'm a bit behind on my TLR books, so I tackled one of those. Unfortunately, I can't use it for the blog because I don't have a positive review, but we'll get to that.

Title: Dreamers Often Lie
Author: Jacqueline West
Status: New Read

Where did I acquire it?
This was in the first batch of ARCs I was sent for Teen Lit Rocks

How long have I owned it without reading it?
Way longer than I should have. Like a year.

Man, I really wanted to like this book. It's about Shakespeare! It quotes Shakespeare characters constantly! And it's that rare mythological creature -- an accurate representation of a high school theatre program in a novel!!!

And to be fair, I did enjoy about 75% of the story. But then it got weird, and this is a book with a girl who regularly hallucinates Hamlet and Ophelia making out in the back of her car. Now, granted, I read an ARC, so maybe some of this was cleared up in the final draft. But honestly, the ending went completely off the rail for me. I felt like the book ended twice because the same thing happened twice in a row. Once, I bought. Twice, not so much. Also, the ending was really abrupt and confusing. I felt like there was no real resolution of the issues I cared about in the story. The ending did not match what had been set up. Which really was a shame.

Status after reading:

Books in the project: 422
Books tackled so far: 22 (all my Austen are being kept, and Chase made a couple decisions)
Books still unread: 89
Books I'm giving away: 10 (my numbers were super weird last post, not sure what was going on there)

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